Rail Atlas EU

Your guidepost for the european rail network.

152 pages, maps throughout in colour, scale 1:2Mio, numerous enlargements, station index, index of railway companies, size 23,5 x 27,5 cm, hardcover

€ 24,00

ISBN 978-3-89494-131-4

  • new edition published May 2013
  • 52 maps showing the current european rail network infrastructure in scale 1:2 Mio
  • Detailed enlargements of european railway nodes like Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Warschau, Hamburg, Berlin, London, Bruxels, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Prag, Vienna, Milano, Rome, Athens.
  • Differentiation of one and more track railways, gauge, electification
  • Additional information about container terminals and marshalling yards
  • German language, key available in German and English

Downscaled example of rail map Netherland

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